HexaPay, create high-performance digital sales channels !

HexaPay, allows your customers to shop anywhere!

HexaPay converts any ad into a direct sales channel, by adding an interactive link (QRcode, NFC Tag, web button,...) launching a 1-click purchase experience with no hassle.

With our platform, eCommerce is everywhere: by adding a HexaPay link to your products, ads and catalogues, you open up a whole new world of buying opportunities for your customers: newsletters and webbanners become stores, billboards and shop windows become interactive, your products, your screens, your sms marketing campaign... all your content allows your customers to satisfy theirs desires at their strongest !

HexaPay is targeting a wide range of businesses

  • Merchants
  • Cinemas
  • Charities
  • Event creators
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Museums
  • Nightclubs
  • Ski resorts
  • Theme parcs
  • Restaurants

Increase your mobile conversion rates

On all your sales channels, HexaPay simplifies and bypasses the purchase process for your customers, to reduce your abandon rate...

  • No pre-enrolment required
  • No application to download (full web solution)
  • Centralization of customer details and habits (addresses, payment means, preferences)
  • Management of all loyalty voucher and coupon programs

HexaPay is an innovative way for consumers to control access to their personal data, preferences and preferred payment method. With HexaPay, buyers reuse their personal details for all future purchases, regardless of the merchant or checkout process.

HexaPay feeds into your eCommerce ecosystem, with all the consumer marketing data necessary for new customer first purchase !

Become an hexapay partner ! Identify your anonymous visitors and turn your new customers into faithful clients thanks to an awesome purchase experience !

Monitor the performance of your sales funnels LIVE !

You measure easily the ROI of every channel/campaign in real time !

  • Real time transactions volume
  • Detailed turnover
  • Consumption patterns
  • Acquisition source
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer Behaviors
  • Geolocation
  • Segmentation
  • Risk Scoring...
Monitor the performance of your sales funnels LIVE !

Make the right decision to enhance your relationship with your clients thanks to Evolutive data analysis generated through our back-office reporting and monitoring tools.

Adapt your sales channels in real time and contextualize the deals your offer to boost your sales !

HexaPay, fits in seamlessly!

HexaPay connects to your current marketing medias, and capitalizes on your existing purchase and payment processes : connection, identification, payment and loyalty programs.

HexaPay is built to integrate quickly and easily within a variety of existing eCommerce environments.

As soon as HexaPay is plugged to your eCommerce ecosystem, you can create new sales channels for all your marketing medias !

HexaPay, fits in seamlessly!

Services & Products

Three importants benefits for Brands and Merchants :

  • Sales: HexaPay provides an interactive platform to create digital sales channels that fits your marketing medias. the HexaPay platform feeds into your CRM database in real-time, for both online & offline businesses with all the consumer marketing data necessary for new customer registration and product purchase: user identification, delivery addresses, payment means and preferences.
    More over, you measures precisely the performance of all your sales funnels with the HexaPay reporting dashboard,that monitors the behavior of your visitors.
  • Technology: HexaPay SDK and webservices can be installed in less than a week and with minimal impact on your e-commerce architecture.
  • Security: Every purchase made with HexaPay provides real-time risk profile qualification, to improve customer scoring. In addition, the transaction is made through in-app two-factor authentication, a process that is mobile friendly end-to-end unlike 3D-Secure authentication. our patented technology prevents fraud even for the first purchase, reducing KYC costs at the same time...

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